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devil hills. >> at day break, beauty was back and his brother was still alive. steve kessler's house took a hit. $50,000 in damage. >> it kept coming and coming and that wind. >> irene lashed coastal carolina, it hit hard and fast, the early hours sucked the life from the outer banks. >> this is roanoke sound. for a half-mile from shore almost all the water is gone, pushed inland by irene counterclockwise winds. 24 hours later all the water has come rushing back but the dock is gone, washed away by the same storm surge that floods this neighborhood. but irene was a disaster with a small d. yes, snap thoughts in hatteras, but not wholesale destruction. in ada andrews house the water is going down and so is her anxiety. >> it is beautiful here 364 days a year. >> and steve kessler has a roof over his head. >> t the inside i the can handle. the outside is a mess. >> most of the deaths blamed on irene this weekend were a result of falling trees. and we invite you to stay with wje for complete coverage of irene for the impact on maryland, school closings, click on >> the orioles
in the clock against the kansas city steves. a camp up tait and more coming up in sports,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> ravens getting ready for kansas city. >> still on only the preseason, ravens practice, where jimmy smith and safety william ran with the first team defense. maybe it is a sign of roster perm nancy to come. this is a fairly active week of roster maneuvering. lee evans is productive and ricky williams walking a straight line these days, no longer a weed head. >> i think i respect the game more and i appreciate the game more than i did. but i am not 20 anymore, and so my priorities are a little different. but i appreciate the game, and i love the to compete, and i you know, i use my mind more than i use my body. but still the body is strong and i enjoy playing the game. >> ravens, kansas city here in baltimore. nick's 2-1 homer in the first. 2-0. and joe joe despite surrender thing homer to santiag ordinary care. we move ahead now 5-9. the birds were ahead in the top of the inning but tigers call it back to make it 8-5. here is the final pitch of the day, the pop u
of the world's most -- steve jobs made the announcement this afternoon. it is believed to be health related. jobs has battled pancreatic cancer. tim cook has been named the new ceo. when word got out tonight apple's stock fell more than 5%. >>> if you are hitting the road for the labor day holiday, kai jackson explains the reason behind the falling gas prices. >> that's right. even a slight drop is good news to those on a tight budget. it's news that any driver would welcome. gas prices appear to be dropping as labor day draws close. >> i drive for a living so it's going the benefit me. >> reporter: the price is driven by supply and demand. >> the reason it's coming down is because of the economic outlook is very weak something according to triple a of the mid atlantic right now we're paying 3.54. last year a difference of nearly a dollar. triple a of the mid atlantic says if this trend continues there's a possibility more people could travel for the labor day weekend. >> triple a predicts that 31 1/2 million americans will travel over the weekend. >> do you have any labor day plans and wou
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3